RAK & RAD AGRO FOODS is based in INDIA AND company specializing in all types of food products / eatables. The products exported and Imported by us include a wide range of items. Our product win’s customers' recognition for its high product quality and reasonable price. Our consumer brands and products are a household name with Indian consumers who use our oils regularly as a healthy cooking medium. We have acquired not only a valuable capital but also we are constantly moving forward.


RAK & RAD AGRO FOODS has a commitment to quality, value & timeliness and is accustomed to achieving it every time. We have a dedicated and experienced staff that respond to customer orders on a timely manner and ensure to provide them with the best competitive prices. Well-qualified & experienced team will ensure you uncompromised satisfaction and peace of mind across our supply chain. RAK & RAD AGRO FOODS is dedicated to restoring stronger ties with its existing markets and further building its markets globally. We ensure to take care of complete accuracy in every transaction passing through us.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that be it people, process and products or investors, vendors & partners and society as a whole, we will deliver the best value proposition as per global standards and international benchmarking. Thus "Delivering Health & Prosperity" in each field. Our Mission of "Delivering natural goods for Health & Prosperity" is helping us craft our future strategies for growth - creating better and new products for consumers and creating a value proposition which ensures that through our actions we deliver our promise to all our stakeholders.


“Delivering natural goods for health and prosperity”


To provide the Best Possible Services to the whole hierarchy prevailing in the industry at the most competitive rate & at the same time to upgrade them with the changing market conditions. To demand from ourselves and others the highest ethical standards and to ensure products and processes to be of the highest quality. Maintain a very healthy, trustworthy and cordial relationship with our esteemed


Providing products and services of the highest standards to the internal members and external customers.